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Raise your glasses for our Summer Rosé Sangria

Hello summer. Hello holidays. Hello sparkling rosé sangria. Whether you’re sitting on the beach, having a dinner party or counting down the seconds until the clock strikes 12, this recipe will have you raising your glasses. All you need is your BIBO fizz bar to get things bubbling and the following ingredients… Ingredients: 2 stone fruit like peaches, nectarines, […]

Festive Gin & Cucumber Cooler – Yes Please!

Celebrate the end of year festivities with high spirits. Our gin and cucumber cooler will add a refreshing twist, some extra fizz and a whole lot fun, making all who care to sip on it extra merry. So let the celebrations begin with your BIBO fizz bar. This recipes make 3-4 cocktails.  Ingredients: 1 cucumber, juiced 30ml lime […]

Homemade Peppermint Crisp Float

This one will be sure to keep the boat afloat these school holidays. Our homemade peppermint crisp floats will not only busy the kids, but will make them bubble over with excitement. Bring along your BIBO fizz bar to get the party started. This recipe makes 4 large floats – for plenty and yum fun! Ingredients: 1 litre Vanilla Ice […]

Hello Homemade Lemonade

Out with the cold and in with the new. Spring is finally here. Use your BIBO fizz bar to add some extra sparkle to the new season by giving our Homemade Lemonade a go. Start by stirring up the lemon syrup and top it off by adding some bubbles to the mix. Here’s how it’s done. For the syrup you’ll need: ½ […]

Fizz Infused Clementine and Rooibos Tea

The sweet citrusy taste of the clementine, infused with South Africa’s much loved Rooibos tea, is a winning combo for your BIBO fizz bar. This delicious drink will have you bubbling with excitement. Ready, set, fizz… You’ll need: 1 ½ cups cold rooibos tea 1 ½ cups Clementine juice (pulp removed) sugar to taste To serve use: […]

The All You Can Drink Ginger Beer

Our Ginger Beer recipe is the perfect way to spring into the new season. It offers some fun and festivity and is a show stopper for guests. Like us, they’ll be asking for top-up after top-up so get your BIBO fizz bar ready and waiting.  Start by stirring up the ginger syrup and top it off by adding some bubbles to […]

Our Favourite Apple Ginger and Lemon Spritzer

Fresh, healthy and fun to fizz – our Apple Ginger and Lemon Spritzer will be a firm favourite with the whole family. Give it some extra sparkle with your BIBO fizz bar and then sit back, relax and enjoy! You’ll need: 2 cups clear apple juice ½ cup water ½ cup ginger syrup juice of […]